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Mossy mama created MTM SOLUTIONS when as a mother she decided to take her many years of knowledge and education in nutrition and wellness and apply what she knew to a few nutritional recipes for her children. It’s been an exciting journey from that first batch of alkaline baby formula to becoming your trusted seamoss source. We take pride in offering top quality organic, wild crafted seamoss of various species. Whether for health or beauty it is our pleasure to fulfill your seamoss needs.

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Chondrus Crispus seamoss gel
Chondrus Crispus gel has a higher mineral content than gracilaria aka gold seamoss. The calcium is higher. The carrageen level is higher so that's good for your bones. Chondrus Crispus is known for its “building” power.
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Slumber blend (tea tokes)
Smoking plants have been used by humans in ceremonial rituals as well as recreationally for eons. Each plant has its own spirit, flavor, and charm, and the herbs offer support for the emotional and spiritual well being.
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I have purchased a lot of products at different online stores but here gives me a better experience and the best products


I like the products, they ship fast, and the products are good quality. 5 stars in my book. Thank you Mossy Mama!


Good price, good support, and fast shipping!



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