Your trusted Seamoss source...
Your trusted Seamoss source...
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About us

Mossy mama was created when a mother decided take her many years of knowledge and education in nutrition and wellness and apply what she knew to a few nutritional recipes for her children. It’s been an exciting journey from that first batch of alkaline baby formula to becoming your trusted seamoss source. We take pride in offering top quality organic, wild crafted seamoss of various species. Whether for health or beauty it is our pleasure to fulfill your seamoss needs.


There is beauty in wellness. I’ve been in business over 15 years and naturally evolved into wellness and holistic healing. The esthetic is a reflection of the internal.


MTM Solutions LLC is a solution based business that offers beauty and wellness services and products. Let’s find solutions to fulfill our potential and purpose.


*Makeup Artist

*Licensed Esthetician


*Master Herbalist

*Colon Hydrotherapist



*Intuitive Healer