Welcome to my page...

Welcome to my page...

Welcome to my page..

So, let me start my saying that I'm glad you're here. No matter how you ended up here, I hope that you find what you need.

A little about me:

I'm a Florida girl with a Caribbean mother meaning I have a deep appreciation for warm weather, sunshine and 🇯🇲 Jamaican cuisine.

I'm a mother of 3 and I adore my children.

I've been a vegan and vegetarian before for extended periods of time. However, now I'm not either. I focus on plant based eating and follow my intuition regarding food choices. I believe food has the ability to heal our bodies and our food choices directly impact our health.

If you have scrolled though my page at all you see that I'm passionate about wellness. THERE'S BEAUTY IN WELLNESS.

This journey started long before I knew I was even on it. I'm the grandchild of an intuitive healer and literally come from a family of all kinds of different healers.

I started in the beauty business over 15 years ago. I became a makeup artist which lead to me becoming licensed esthetician (after my own battle with cystic acne and having to heal myself). I wanted to help my clients who felt forced to cover up skin conditions with makeup. Thats no way to live. Once I became an esthetician I took a holistic approach and integrated nutrition into my consultation and conversations with clients. That led me to study nutrition and food science. Later I went further and became a certified master herbalist and a colon hydrotherapist. I wrote a book titled "You're Full of Sh*t", read it.

It is my belief that no matter what you use on the surface to attain beauty, the inside needs even more attention.  Our skin shows the symptoms of what's going on below the surface in regards to physical wellness and also emotional/spiritual wellness.


Take your time and look around. Visit the link in my bio.

Please engage with my posts and ask questions.

Love and Light!
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