You're Full of Sh*t

You're Full of Sh*t

So, after years and years of advising clients on how to achieve beautiful glowing skin I decided to write a book that tells the biggest kept secret in the beauty business. It has less to do with the skincare products that you use (which does play a major role) and more to do with what is happening inside of your body and more specifically, your BOWEL.

Most people that I know are not using the bathroom regularly and are really suffering because of it. 

You've probably heard the saying that health begins in the gut. This is true. If you are not properly expelling the waste that your body accumulates regularly chances are you can feel the difference in your body. You have to go POOP. You have to. Once a week, once a month is not healthy. You should be going AT LEAST once per day and even then you could be backed up if you are eating more than once per day and if your diet includes animal products.

Take steps to healthily clear your bowel. Laxatives and stimulants can be very dangerous as well as unhealthy for extended periods of time and they don't address the issue at its core.

Check out my book "You're Full of Sh*t" and change your life by clearing out the waste in your colon.


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